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Main difference between old and new CNL, mission files.

New CNL changed two main features compared to old CNL, namely, move_to and spin. The move_to function now contains a goal tolerance which in the old move_to we need to subtract the goal tolerance manually. As for the spin, It changes from inputting an absolute angle to a relative angle.

Two new functions are added to the CNL in order to apply the new spin function -- smaller(a, b) and rotation(rad, rad). The former serves the purpose of selecting the smaller variable in a and b, the latter rotate the robot with the input argument of radian(two input arguments have the same value).

One new process is added to the CNL-- spin_done, whose function is to check if the spin process if finished.

Number of input parameters changes, mostly cases it increases.

Problems and Changes to the Repository

In the mission file, the Is_at_goal was not triggered even when the condition is satisfied.

A few changes have been made to correct this problem:

1. flogen was modified so as to ensure that the correct instance of a connecting processes (is_at_goal) in this case was found.

2. posIAG, a variable read from the input port in the Is_at_goal process, was considered as a local variable and different Is_at_goal processes have the same variable name. It was assumed that the posIAG would disappear with the new flogen, which was found out that was not the case. Local variables like posIAG will sometimes still appear and therefore need to be dynamically instanced. Because there are so many dynamically instanced variables now, the syntax has been changed for the dynamic instance naming. Now added is a "$" sign in front of the dynamic instance number

Files updated: flogen.cpp flogen.h pars.main.cpp parsPtable.cpp parsPtable.h parsTtable.cpp sysProb.cpp sysProb.h sysgen.cpp

Description of Mission Shutest2Robot1_NS

The mission Shutest2Robot1_NS is one robot goes a straight line, then turn 90 degree, and lastly goes a straight line.

missionMultiRobotWaypoint_OA old mission file

missionMultiRobotWaypoint_OA new mission file

Result Analysis

There is no any difference between old and new mission in terms of time criteria.

A slight difference for the spatial criteria, which is small enough to be considered as the same(difference < 0.01%).

-- (c) Fordham University Robotics and Computer Vision

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