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Serial Installation of the GPS Units (Stereo Camera Models only -- See USB installation instructions below for Laser models)
  1. Connect the GPS
  2. Boot into the Bios (hold the delete key on startup) and navigate to Custom Configuration
  3. As root edit the file: /var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf
    • change line tty3 if irq is not what you get from BIOS. Note that COM1-COM4 is equivalent to ttyS0-ttyS3
      • NEW LINE: /dev/ttyS3 uart 16550A port 0x03e8 irq XX baud_base 115200 spd_normal skip_test
        OLD LINE: /dev/ttyS3 uart 16550A port 0x03e8 irq XX baud_base XXX spd_normal skip_test
      • This sets the serial configuration for that connection permanently.
      • Note: Don't mess with ttyS0 -- that is the connection to the microcontroller!
  4. Copy /usr/local/Aria/params/p3at-sh.p to /usr/local/Aria/params/p3at-sh.p.bak to backup the default parameter file
  5. Edit p3at-sh.p with your favorite editor chaging the following fields under the "GPS" category:
    • GPSBaud 115200
    • GPSPort /dev/ttyS3 (or whatever port you put it on)
    • GPSType standard
    • Save and exit
  6. Now as root, run dpkg-reconfigure setserial. Select "auto-save once", and reboot.
  7. With cutecom, open up /dev/ttyS3 with baud 115200 and select "<CR><LF>" in the bottom right. Note if you see garbage, try switching to baud 9600.
    1. Send the commands:
      • $JOFF //turns all messages off -- unit should stop outputing information
      • $JBAUD,115200 //sets the baud rate
      • $JASC,GPGGA,5 //turns on the GPGGA NMEA message, which the ArGPS class supports
      • $JSAVE //saves the configuration forever
  8. run /usr/local/Aria/examples/gpsExample (it might need to be compiled). If it connects, then the installation is complete.
USB Installation of the GPS Units (Laser Models only -- See Serial installation instructions above for Arm and Stereo Models)
1 Connect the GPS Unit to the USB port in the rear of the laser 1 type "dmesg" |grep -i usb to see where it mounted (probably /dev/ttyUSB0 if no other usb devices are mounted) 1 Modify the /usr/local/Aria/params/p3at-sh.p file as above, except with /dev/ttyUSB0 1 Open up cutecom and configure the GPS unit as in the above instructions 1 Test using the ArGPS example. Note if the GPS doesn't mount on the expected USB port (USB is hot swappable, meaning it could be theoretically mounted anywhere -- a short script can be written to make symbolic link to the device, but I haven't done that yet), then you will have to specify the GPSPort in the Aria command line arguments when using Aria for the GPS

-- StephenFox - 2011-06-10

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