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GET{"name"} -- get a variable

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"name" Name of variable. (required)
"name" Name of variable, such as menu. May optionally contain a JSON path, such as menu.File.Open. (required)
format="..." Format with supported variables:
$name for variable name
$value for variable value
$isdefined expanding to 1 or 0 depending if variable is defined or not
$isset expanding to 1 or 0 depending if variable is logically true or false
$ispersistent expanding to 1 or 0 depending if variable is persistent or not
• all FormatTokens such as $dollar, $n, $percnt.
default="..." Text shown if variable is not defined, e.g. not found. This parameter overrides the format parameter. "" (empty string)
store="..." Specify a store name that holds the persistent variable. This assumes the variable was previously set with the same store name. ""
  • Example: %GET{"lunch"}% returns Sushi if the following has been previously set:
    %SET{ "lunch" value="Sushi" }% - see more examples
  • JSON Syntax: %GET{ name }% - see description.
  • Example to set a JSON object and to get a JSON object with a JSON path:
    • %SET{ menu = { "File": { "New": [ "new", "F" ], "Open": [ "open", "F" ] }, "Edit": { "Copy": [ "cpy", "F" ], "Paste": [ "pst", "F" ] } } }% - set a JSON object
    • %GET{ menu.File.Open }% - returns: ["open","F"]
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