Package TWiki::UI::Search

UI functions for searching.

StaticMethod search ($session)

Perform a search as dictated by CGI parameters:
Parameter: Description: Default:Sorted ascending
Search topic name (title); the text (body) of topic; or all (both) "text"
Do a keyword search like soap "web service" -shampoo; a literal search like web service; or RegularExpression search like soap;web service;!shampoo %SEARCHVAR- DEFAULTTYPE% preferences setting (literal)
Limit the number of results returned. This is done after sorting if order is specified All results
date="..." limits the results to those pages with latest edit time in the given TimeInterval. All results
Limit search to topics: A topic, a topic with asterisk wildcards, or a list of topics separated by comma. All topics in a web
reverse="on" Reverse the direction of the search Ascending search
web="Main, Know"
Comma-separated list of webs to search. The special word all means all webs that doe not have the NOSEARCHALL variable set to on in their WebPreferences. You can specifically exclude webs from an all search using a minus sign - for example, web="all,-Secretweb". Current web
casesensitive="on" Case sensitive search Ignore case
search="text" (Alternative to above) N/A
separator=", " Line separator between hits Newline "$n"
excludetopic="WebHome, WebChanges"
Exclude topics from search: A topic, a topic with asterisk wildcards, or a list of topics separated by comma. None
nonoise="on" Shorthand for nosummary="on" nosearch="on" nototal="on" zeroresults="off" noheader="on" noempty="on" Off
nofinalnewline="on" If on, the search variable does not end in a line by itself. Any text continuing immediately after the search tag on the same line will be rendered as part of the table generated by the search, if appropriate. off
multiple="on" Multiple hits per topic. Each hit can be formatted. The last token is used in case of a regular expression ";" and search Only one hit per topic
expandvariables="on" Expand variables before applying a FormattedSearch on a search hit. Useful to show the expanded text, e.g. to show the result of a SpreadSheetPlugin %CALC{}% instead of the formula Raw text
"text" Search term. Is a keyword search, literal search or regular expression search, depending on the type parameter. SearchHelp has more required
Custom format results: see FormattedSearch for usage, variables & examples Results in table
nototal="on" Do not show number of topics found Show number
noheader="on" Suppress search header
Topics: Changed: By:
Show search header
nosearch="on" Suppress search string Show search string
bookview="on" BookView search, e.g. show complete topic text Show topic summary
nosummary="on" Show topic title only Show topic summary
noempty="on" Suppress results for webs that have no hits. Show webs with no hits
Sort the results of search by the topic names, topic creation time, last modified time, last editor, or named field of TWikiForms. The sorting is done web by web; in case you want to sort across webs, create a formatted table and sort it with TablePlugin's initsort Sort by topic name
zeroresults="off" Suppress all output if there are no hits zeroresults="on", displays: "Number of topics: 0"

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