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CountrySorted ascending Location FirstName LastName Organization
  , Armando Califano  
  , Luca Delsignore  
  , Ben Barriage  
  , Mark Huang  
  , Sunand Raghupathi  
  , [[AnthonyWAScan][]] [[AnthonyWAScan][]]  
  , Philip Bal  
  , Margaret Adams  
  , Teddy Francois  
  , Feng Tang  
  , Lab Tech  
  , Felix Fang  
  , Kyle Ryan  
  , Kanchan Thaokar  
  , Alex Cohen  
  , Felix Fu  
  , AnneMarie Bogar  
  , Maggie Gates Robotics & Computer Vision Lab
  , Bruno Vieira  
USA New York, NY Damian Lyons Fordham University
USA , Peng Tang  
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