Dr. Damian M. Lyons, Lab Director. Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science.

Dr. D. Frank Hsu, Clavius Distinguished Professor

Dr. J. MacDonall, Professor of Psychology


Dr. Ronald Arkin, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Paul Benjamin PACE University

Graduate Students

Feng Tang

Peng Tang

Undergraduate Students

Joseph Leroy

Alina Kinealy

Alex Keyes

Nicholas Primiano

Dennis Egan

Summer Researchers

Luca Del Signore

Gleidson Mendes

Graduate Alums

Dagan Harrington

Paramesh Nirmal

Tsung-Ming (James) Liu

Karma Shrestha

Stephen Fox

Giselle Isner

Kiran Pamnany

Jeremy Drysdale

Sothearith Chanty

Liang Wong

Qiang Ma

Jizhou Ai

Linta Samuel

Ben Weigend

Carlos Usandivaras

Hemamalini Kannan

Franklin Montero

Undergraduate Alums

Emir Ogel

Kenneth Durkin

Kelly Cunningham

Chris Guerrero

Andrew Fraser

Michael Yu

Liz Spangler

Brendan Offer

Pamela Pettit

Sasha-Lee Garvey

Alex Dorey

Mike Feola

Yu Lam

Brittany Kwait

Peter To

Paul Ryan

Rene McQuick

Michelle Yee

Erland Jean-Pierre

Mike Welsh

Kate McCarthy

Jesus Rodriguez

Honorary Alums!

Nicholas Estelami (Summer 2013)

Alicia Devalencia (Stuyvesant HS; Summer 2012)

Oliver Donson (Ossining HS)

Greg Robins (Ossining HS)

Dan Scanteianu (Ossining HS)

  • Persons/group who can change the list:

-- Damian Lyons - 2015-06-22


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