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META TOPICPARENT name="FRCVLabMaintenance"
  • Test server and laptop connection to router and internet
  • Check IP Map and make sure all IPs are correct and accounted for.
  • ping for router, fordham.edu for internet (or any website)
  • Test Robot Groups (Group 1: 110, 112, 115, 116, 120) (Group 2: 111, 117, 118, 121, 122) (Group 3: 113, 114, 119, 123, 124)
  • Tire Pressure, Battery Connections
  • Battery Level Check
  • Motor Test (hit white motor button twice on robot)
  • SSH into robots ($ssh bot@10.10.3.XXX)
  • cd into /usr/local/Aria/examples then ./demo
  • test t, l, s, c, m
    1. Teleop mode - Use arrow keys to control robot, remember that the up arrow increases VELOCITY, and spacebar is used to stop the robot
    2. Laser mode - Allow a few seconds to boot up, observe readings, hold objects in front of it and observe change in readings to test functionality
    3. Sonar mode - Default gives front sonars (hotkey "2"), tap hotkey "3" to observe back sonars, wave hand in front of each and observe readings
    4. Camera mode - Select appropriate device and auxilary, use arrow keys to control the camera, "e" to exercise and spacebar to center
    5. Compass Mode - Observe readings of compass data, turn robot to make sure it is functional
      **Always hit ESC once finished to cleanly exit the program**
  • Test Mobile Eyes
    • cd into /usr/local/SAV
      • Enter "su sysadm" and when prompted for a password enter (aXXX$robot), then enter "./savServer"
      • Enter "su sysadm" and when prompted for a password enter robot root password, then enter "./savServer"
    • Open a new terminal, SSH into the robot, and cd into /usr/local/Arnl/bin
      • Enter "./arnlServer" and allow a few seconds for boot
    • Open Mobile Eyes on desktop
      • User name and PW not required, simply "10.10.3.XXX" in the host field
      • Once finished with MobileEyes, quit program, hit ESC in arnServer, hit ESC in savServer
        *Always enter "$sudo halt" to cleanly shutdown the robot*
  • Laptop and power cable inventory
  • Random 3 laptops (boot & network connection)
  • Joysticks
  • Check all lab machines boot
  • Visual check of toll inventory
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