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Fordham Robotics and Computer Vision Lab Publications

All recent publications now hosted at Fordham University Digital Commons and can be downloaded from there.

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 To got to the Digital Commons publications list CLICK HERE


Bal, P., Lyons, D., Shuter, A., A new ectotherm 3D tracking and behavior analytics system using a depth-based approach with color validation, with preliminary data on Kihansi spray toad ( Nectophrynoides asperginis ) activity. Accepted to Herpetological Review, December 2019.
 Matt McNeill, Damian Lyons, “An approach to fast multi-robot exploration in buildings with inaccessible space.” To appear: 2019 IEEE Int. Conf on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO19) Dali, Yunnan China, December 2019. https://fordham.bepress.com/frcv_facultypubs/]]

Matt McNeill, Damian Lyons, “A Comparison of textual bandit Approaches to human-in-the-loop robot task completion with infrequent feedback.” To appear: 31st IEEE Int. Conf. on Tools with AI (ICTAI 2019), Nov 4-6 Portland Oregon, 2019. https://fordham.bepress.com/frcv_facultypubs/

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