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This dataset was collected by dml on 6-14-11 using the stereoServer and modified clientDemo software. Robot 116 was run around the U shaped 3rd floor of JMH.


Robot 116 Pioneer AT3 with Bumblebee stereo and DPPU pan-tilt was used to collected this dataset. The robot was equipped with onboard wireless AP to connected to control laptop running the modified clientDemo that speaks to stereoServer.

StereoServer version V2 was used to control robot 116.

The robot was positioned at the Robot Lab end of the U shaped 3rd floor of Building JMH facing down the corridor. Then stereoServer was started. The pan tilt scan parameters were set to do a pan scan of 20 deg, 0 degrees and -20 degrees at a fixed tilt of 5 degrees. Each set of 3 scans was repeated approx every 5 meters along the U shaped corridor until the robot reached the end. There were 15 stops (labelled 0 to 14) in all, and the sequence of 3 pan angles was scanned at each stop, producing 45 stereo datasets.


The dataset consists of

The logfile which documents: the file name of the stereodataset, the (odometry) x,y,z,th and pan,tilt at which the dataset was taken.

  • robot0-10839334-log.txt: robot0-10839334-log.txt
  • The stereodataset files: each is referenced in the log and named for the stop number and pan degrees it was taken at.

    The left image files: each is named for stereodataset it was taken from. The images are JPG format.

  • run10839334_images.rar: run10839334_images.rar
  • -- DamianLyons - 2011-06-14
  • META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="run10839334_images.rar" attr="" comment="" date="1308079230" name="run10839334_images.rar" path="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334 images.rar" size="1287540" stream="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334 images.rar" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp43526" user="DamianLyons" version="1"
    META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="robot0-10839334-log.txt" attr="" comment="" date="1308079279" name="robot0-10839334-log.txt" path="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\robot0-10839334-log.txt" size="3310" stream="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\robot0-10839334-log.txt" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp48285" user="DamianLyons" version="1"
    META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="run10839334_S0_S3.rar" attr="" comment="" date="1308079658" name="run10839334_S0_S3.rar" path="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S0_S3.rar" size="8941836" stream="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S0_S3.rar" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp48552" user="DamianLyons" version="1"
    META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="run10839334_S6_S4.rar" attr="" comment="" date="1308079687" name="run10839334_S6_S4.rar" path="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S6_S4.rar" size="7344063" stream="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S6_S4.rar" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp48446" user="DamianLyons" version="1"
    META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="run10839334_S10_S7.rar" attr="" comment="" date="1308079724" name="run10839334_S10_S7.rar" path="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S10_S7.rar" size="9938723" stream="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S10_S7.rar" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp48465" user="DamianLyons" version="1"
    META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="run10839334_S11_S14.rar" attr="" comment="" date="1308080757" name="run10839334_S11_S14.rar" path="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S11_S14.rar" size="7587186" stream="C:\Users\Damian Lyons\Desktop\Fordham\Research\run10839334\run10839334_S11_S14.rar" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp48520" user="DamianLyons" version="1"
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